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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


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I hear you talkin'. I still enjoy the magazine - but my expectations have changed for it. I don't put it in the same league as Horticulture, Fine Gardening or Garden Gate so much. It's as much a garden fashion magazine, with similar features and even layout. The gardens they do show seem unapproachable, but that's their editorial difference from the others I guess.

Each Little World

You're right, Jim! I just picked up the new Fine Gardening and it's full of great ideas and useful advice —as always. And I've subscribed to Horticulture since the early 1980s. I guess I just miss the great features Garden Design used to have on Jefferson, Jekyll — so much information on garden history. They once had both style and substance.


I just found two copies of old issues at our free bookstore!


I have a feeling you may enjoy them more than the new issue. And the price is certainly right! That bookstore sounds so wonderful — I love to read about your finds.


Thanks! It's truly an amazing resource for everyone in Baltimore. I try very hard to show people that Baltimore isn't just The Wire (I should have named my blog that!).

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