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Thursday, November 27, 2008


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S. Adler

Linda - As always, I enjoyed reading your post on your wonderful all day feast. I had to shake my head and laugh when I saw the last picture -- is that a Norwegian sweater (and wrist warmers) by Oleanna? I may have the same sweater -- or a variation of it! Susan

Linda Brazill

Susan — Trust you to recognize an Oleanna sweater! It is a spurge from a number of years ago in Door County. It lets me do the Wisconsin Norwegian thing but in my kind of colors. My husband bought me the wrist warmers as a Christmas present.

S. Adler

Linda - Actually I think I have the exact sweater. I was looking at your hands in the photo and didn't notice the body of the sweater. The wrist warmers are great but I would love a pair of fingerless gloves!


I'm with you on fingerless gloves. I have about a dozen pairs (some have half fingers) and live in them in the winter — especially when I'm reading or at the computer. My hands are always cold.

The writstlets are pretty but the slide around and don't do much. What I like best about them is the fineness of the knit. Most of my other fingerless gloves are thicker. They were a punk fashion a number of years ago and I bought them whenever I saw them. They are harder to find these days.

Easy and Elegant Life

Perfection. I look forward to Christmas Eve when we have our dinner for two (or three if Mom is here.) Like you, it takes me about a week to get it together and it is with the most wonderful anticipation of the evening itself that I go about the preparations.

That appetizer course looks like something I may do for lunch this week, thanks!


Chris — it was a lovely day and we were more restrained in how much we ate than we would have been with a big turkey dinner.

My husband's family all live nearby and we gather on Christmas Eve; usually about 20 of us ranging from age 5 to 88. So we look forward to a quiet dinner with good friends on Christmas Day. An adult holiday is nice if you can manage it!

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