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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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S. Adler

I loved this post and forwarded it to two of my partners in crime - good friends who share a passion for literature, needlework and gardening. I look forward to reading about your gardening odyssey. Happy Thanksgiving, Linda!

Linda Brazill

Susan — I keep imagining that I will do some garden-inspired needlework myself. But I need to get started soon if it's ever to happen. Do you know Thomasina Beck's books on the subject?

Have a lovely holiday!

Rosalind Luper

I give talks on biblical women in art and am fascinated by the box with the embroidery of scenes of Abraham. Please tell me where this is. There is also reference to World of Interiors Magazine - is this American and if so is there a contact?

Many thanks
Rosalind, Reading, England

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