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Monday, November 10, 2008


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I love this bird's nest post (and your blog). I have also displayed found nests around the house, but the nest in the vase is so inspired and perfect. Thank you for suggesting some other 60's cool sisters - I have such vivid memories of Penelope Tree in Vogue with very dramatic eyelashes - so 60s and so mod. I had to google her sister (I didn't know she had one) - and found her half-sister is Frances FitzGerald (how cool). And the Beresons, pure class - Marisa very boho, very chic. Sad, of course, with more recent reality serving as an endnote to Berry's colorful life.


Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. That bird's nest in the vase was a total fluke but it worked out very nicely. I wasn't sure if it would stay but seems OK and has been hanging there for a month or two.


Gorgeous... just gorgeous! Both the natural beauties and the way that you display and keep them.


Kim — so glad you stopped by. I will have to add you to my list. My sister lives in Erie, PA and I grew up in Buffalo so I can clearly imagine where you live and garden.

Martha B.

Hi Linda-
I enjoyed reading this post! Before my parents sold their farm, I would spend hours in their fields and woods looking for natural objects- skulls of small animals, leaves and plants that I would press...and lots of bird nests! :)

Martha B.

An Aesthete's Lament

I once dated a guy who had an artful pile of bird's nests tucked beneath a beautiful Venetian Baroque console in his living room. It really was pretty breathtaking.


Martha & Aesthete,

I would love to have a woods to roam in looking for treasures like these. And I would probably need a woods to find enough nests to make an impact under something as spectacular as that Venetian console must have been. Breathtaking as you say!

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