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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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Mr. McGregor's Daughter

That is such a great little tree! I did 1 mini tree a long time ago, & they didn't have any mini garden ornaments back then. I may have to do another mini tree now.


They have so many ornaments now that it makes it really fun to do these tiny trees. I have another that is all dolls and toys and one with glass ornaments.

I was at your blog this a.m. but did not leave a comment as you had so many already. it's 20 degrees here and has been snowing since last night at 6 p.m. and is to continue until about 6 a.m. tomorrow — mixed with sleet and freezing rain! I figure on Wed. a.m., I will take out the recycling bin as it is full and forget about garbage — assuming I can get the bin down the driveway! I'm afraid it's going to be another long winter, as you say.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

I love that little tree! Very creative. I have one tree, and lots of gardening-themed ornaments, but I'd love a small tree like that one.


Carol — that photo is from a few years ago but I had to laugh when I realized there is a hoe resting on the ground in front of the tree. It's quite dark but you can just make it out! I, of course, am always looking for tiny watering can ornaments.


What a great tree! And the idea of keeping them stored already decorated inspires me to try this out, too.


It was a big breakthrough when I realized my sister-in-law stored her trees. To store them, I set mine in a small box and stuff newspaper around the base to keep the tree steady. Then I cover the whole thing with a plastic bag and put it in the basement.

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