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Friday, January 09, 2009


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Well gee. This made me hungry, and it's almost midnight. What ever shall I do now???

Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious!


It's kind of like reading cookbooks in bed; a dangerous thing to do late at night!

Sarah O

Martha is such a conundrum, I just love her. I remember a decade ago or more when magazines and newspapers kept publishing articles about how Martha made women feel insecure and incompetent, and I thought, are you crazy? No one in their right mind would expect their efforts to meet the high perfectionism of Martha. Stirring up a moral panic over Martha Stewart, priceless.

My best friend gave me a picture frame for Christmas a few years back, and replaced the stock photo with an image of Martha stirring soup (probably from the inside of her magazine). I've never replaced it. "I have a framed picture of Martha Stewart," that's a great line to use at parties and mixers.

Finally, can I just say, that ginger broth sounds *amazing*. I swear by ginger, especially for seasickness, and that broth is exactly what I need for the long, rainy races that I end up doing every year. Thank you very very much in advance, from everyone on my crew. :)


Sarah — I'm with you on Martha. I don't think anyone has ever produced a more beautiful magazine. And for every over-the-top story there is an equally down-to-earth one. I gave my first dinner party in high school for a group of girl friends so Martha's behavior seems normal to me!

I think you will really like the ginger broth. And you could even increase the amount of ginger since it's something that you know you like.

I just visited your blog within the last day or two after seeing your comments — though I don't remember where. Thanks for stopping by.

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