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Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Julie Siegel

Absolutely fabulous! And when I say that, a further amusement would be to imagine the two ladies of AF dressed for the garden.
I am currently trying to decide which hat will keep the sun off my neck in a deforested part of Guatemala in March.


Last year Ann Raver in the NYT wrote about garden hats and I was always going to check out the hat company she mentioned cause the hats were crushable — perfect for traveling!

Easy and Elegant Life

On those rare occasions when Mrs. E. forces me outside, I am usually in ancient corduroys, boots, and a heavy cotton red plaid work shirt. Depending on the weather that may vary ... ancient khakis, denim workshirt, boots .... cargo khaki shorts, boots, ancient button down shirt. And always pigskin gloves (I've learned the hard way...)


Ancient button-down shirt? That is sooo you — true to your style, even in the garden.


What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing this information/inspiration and I love those Valerie's photographs. Wonderful!

style court

Linda, I'm bookmarking this. One of my favorites now. Informative and humorous as always.

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