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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Oh my, guys. You've made me tired just thinking about all the raw materials you moved in preparation. I can't believe Mark got that huge tree down by himself.

Whew. Well, I'm eager to see how the rock placement progressed in the next installment.


There are a lot of houses in our neighborhood with great rocks in the garden. One even has a long rock wall. I'm sure they are all from when the houses were built and the rocks were uncovered. There were no big rocks here when we moved in and we only found a couple of tiny ones digging the pond. Alas, all our rocks were purchased, which sometimes seemed so crazy — spending our days working to make money to buy rocks!

I think one of the things about doing projects you've never tried before, is you don't think too much about what you're getting yourself into. The first few years all we did was work in the garden! We were dirty, sweaty and exhausted all the time. Luckily at about that point, it all started to look like a garden instead of a construction site. And everything seemed worth it!

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