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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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Pam/Digging (Austin)

Great idea, Linda. (And our disclosures may become the standard now, right?)

I made a book of family and garden photos for my parents and parents-in-law for Xmas. It was much more appreciated than the usual gift item that they didn't really need.


Pam — you're right about them being great gifts and about disclosures.

After I wrote this post, I got to the end and suddenly realized that if I didn't add a disclaimer, then my comments might be seen as "product placement." I'm used to just recommending things I like, but it felt right to add that note.

Easy and Elegant Life

This is a fantastic, creative and lovely idea! (And lucky you to have a husband with a good eye. Photos are totally beyond my ability. I opt for the shoot lots, one will work out route.)


He does have that artist's eye! We've done these a couple of times as thank-you gifts after a country weekend and they've been much appreciated.

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