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Friday, May 01, 2009


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Lisa at Greeenbow

Aawwww. What sweet vases. What sweet memories.

I am thinking my Grands will remember small flowers displayed in a discarded syrup bottle from Cracker Barrel. Hmmmmm I just love their size for violets and other treasured blooms.

Dawn Isaac

Very sweet. I kind of wish I had some in my lawn for the children to pick, but on the other hand I am something of a turf Nazi and can't bear to see it invaded...


Lisa — I went through a period where I bought anything that came in a blue bottle and used them as vases. They looked great lined up in a row!

Dawn — without the violets and weeds, we would have no lawn. I drove by a house yesterday with a huge lawn and two large — what can only be described as "pools" — of violets at the edge. One white and one purple and just barely bleeding into each other. It was really lovely since usually they are just scattered randomly.


I love the white and purple violets in my lawn which I prefer to think of as a flowery mead. I've also dug in plugs of common thyme which do beautifully, and the new lawn we are planting is full of clover.


Hi Linda, oh my goodness those are the most exquisite little vases and so perfect for the violets. What pleasant memories they hold for you as well. I have done battle with the violets here for years and have finally given in, I cannot win. I do try and pull them if they are threatening a small seedling of a desirable new plant. The rest have to fend for themselves. :-)

style court

Linda the combination of green with purple is perfection.


Frances — I'm with you; I've given in. But I, too, pull them when they're about to eat something special!

Thanks, Courtney. It's funny, but I hardly ever use those vases for anything but violets. And I think it's because the green and purple is so perfect, as you say.


I would love to have wild violets growing ~ unfortunately, they aren't very hardy here. They are a wonderful sight in springtime. It is wonderful that you have these gorgeous vases, filled with memories and love.


Linda, that is such a pretty picture, both the photo and your word one of picking them with your mother as a child. I have violets here too, and I let them grow here and there. I don't have that pretty light one though. Mine are the classic purple ones. They smell good too.~~Dee


Thanks for stopping by Kate and Dee. I actually think that if I didn't have the vases I would never pick the violets and might even be annoyed that they were in my lawn!


A great selection for GBMD, Linda. Thanks for sharing your memories.


Carolyn — To be honest, even though I read lots of Muse Day posts I had not thought of it when I wrote this little piece. But you're right; it works nicely in that context. See you soon in Chicago!

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