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Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Laura McDonald

Wow, thanks so much for the nice words! It's nice to know our work doesn't go unnoticed. And please, everyone reading this, stop by and request ebooks you'd like to see on Girlebooks.


What wonderful books! I've read some but will have to put more on my list.


My pleasure, Laura. I am really impressed by your titles and the look of your site. Thought you deserved a little shout out!


I used to walk by that Rohlfs house every day on my way to work years ago. I believe it was up for sale recently.

About your comment on my Frank Lloyd Wright post:

I may not get time to get out to Oak Park. But we've been talking about getting out there (as a family) sometime in the next year. I think the open studio tour of his house and a few others in Oak Park are open this week. We almost came out for that. I have a ten-year-old interested in architecture.

I read your review way back when - I just checked it out on Amazon. It only covers four gardens! I am adding it to my birthday/Christmas list.

I'm hoping to be involved in the periphery of the renovations of the gardens at the Martin House and at Graycliff. Even if it's just volunteer hole digging or getting the word out to the world through my PR channels.

I did see the PBS show on Wright and Martin. It was produced locally. I had some friends involved in the production.

Martin was Wrights patron at the beginning of his career, and even though Wright never had a budget he didn't blow, the two were as thick as thieves.


Have you seen any of Rohlfs and Green's furniture? The photos of it on the Antiques Magazine site are quite amazing.

What fun it would be to work on the Martin house garden even as garden go-fer! The Derek Fell book is pretty good — if only because he is a gardener and photographer and therefore knows how to approach a landscape. If you know a lot about Wright then it is less satisfying. But I am kind of amazed that no one has done a book before (with the exception of Taliesin staff and associates).

Frank has a pretty mixed reputation here still — partly because people remember the unpaid bills and the scandal of leaving his wife and children etc. It is not history here; FLW always seems to be causing a commotion in the present. And there are plenty of other folks mad because Buffalo built the boathouse that was designed for Madison.

There is a new addition to the First Unitarian Society Meeting House he designed here which is quite nicely done and also has a green roof. So that's a garden that has had very little coverage so far.


Well, if it helps, the Madison boathouse does look good here on our waterfront! There's also a gas station Wright designed for Buffalo, but was never built, that is slated to be built as part of our Pierce Arrow Museum. It will be built just a few blocks away from site Wright originally had designed it for.

I was familiar with Rohlf's name, but not the furniture. I did look up the Antiques magazine slide show. His art furniture is sort of like the Roycrofters, but fancier. Nice pieces. I bet there's some floating around Buffalo that no one is aware of.


My cousins used to live near the Roycroft and we used to go there as children. I've been back a couple of times in recent years to see the restoration. I am sure you are correct about Rohlf's work probably floating around Buffalo unknown to the owners.


Great post Linda. Yes, I think Girlebooks should win an innovation award, excellent idea and aesthetically pleasing covers. Watch out Persephone!!


A friend has a fabulous Rohlf's-designed 3rd floor ballroom. Very cool.

The Burchfield-Penney did have a show on him some time ago.

I wonder if Persephone took up where Virago left off? I have quite a library of Virago Books; they had exactly the same mission.


Nicola — still not sure how much on-line book reading I will really do, but I like the idea of a mother/daughter team publishing women's lit.

Elizabeth — Does your friend have parties in the ballroom? What a treat to have that kind of a space and designed by someone with Rohlf's quirky taste.

I would agree that Persephone has taken up Virago's mantle. Be sure to check out their Web site as it is lovely. Just got my biennial publication in the mail Friday — another nice treat for folks on the mailing list. Here's the link:

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