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Monday, June 01, 2009


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She's right. That's spectacular.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

What a treat to find on your arrival home! That's a beauty. I hope you both had a great time in Chicago. It was wonderful to finally meet you.


Erin — wait til I tell him what you said!

MMcGD — I was so glad to find that bloom after such a great time in Chicago. Made the weekend perfect! And I agree; it was such fun to finally put faces with all these blogs!

Pam/Digging (Austin)

I can see why the Chicago pics had to wait if you had that beautiful blossom to show off at home. But Mark, I really cannot wait to see all 300 of your photos. It was marvelous to meet you both and spend time talking with you in the lobby in the evenings.


That is great! What a beautiful bloom. I am glad I was able to meet the both of you - this blog is fantastic! I look forward to reading your adventures.


You guys are great! I can admire the magnolia and your pleasure with it, but await the photos taken at the fling. So nice to meet you and chat. :-)


Pam and Katie — It was great to meet both of you.

Pam, loved the wedding picture and wish I had seen it earlier; you are so cute and young! M. did take some pretty good photos. Had fun last night unwinding at home and looking at them.

Katie — Glad to meet the next generation of gardeners and another great photographer. One of the most interesting aspects of this event is seeing how everyone captured it visually and in words. So far, we've got photos but have not come to any conclusions on what we want to say. Stay tuned.

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