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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


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Well, I finally made my way to your blog, and I can see that I have a lot of reading ahead of me! Your pics from Spring Fling are so beautiful - unusual angles and closeups, really nice. It was wonderful to meet you both this weekend and chat garden stuff at Andie's (when we weren't 'stuff'ing our faces, of course!). I look forward to reading the history of your garden!

Pam/Digging (Austin)

I appreciate your providing the cost of the fence materials. Of course, you'd have paid much, much more had someone else crafted it for you. I'd certainly agree that a beautiful fence like that was worth the money. But dang those squirrels for trying to undo your handiwork.


You might try spraying the wood with the neem did get the coupon for a free bottle at SF. It has a bitter taste but won't hurt the critters. Other repellents could also work. Perhaps they need a chew post? Just kidding...


Diane — We enjoyed meeting you, too. It's amazing we talked as much as we did given the great food at Andie's. That was one amazing buffet.

Pam — Since we don't have to put anyone through college we could spend that kind of money on a fence. But I always want to know the cost when I see this kind of thing so I can get a sense if it's something we can afford for our garden. The fence is such a dominant view (esp. in winter) that it was worth the time and money. And frankly, it would have cost that much to pay someone else to do chainlink!

Layanee — How nice to hear from you and thanks for the suggestion. We've mostly fretted and haven't really tried anything. But it's clear they're not going to stop on their own!


You need a Corgi. My corgi hates squirrels and keeps them at bay. Well, at least when she sees them, but I really think after awhile they get tired of being harassed and move on. Besides, Corgis are the best!


So talented. Wow. That gate and fence are absolutely stunning and are of a level of craftmanship one does not see often nowadays.

Did I tell you this is my new favorite blog? Yes? Well, let me tell you again then!


cj — I guess a dog (Corgi or other) might work. I had not thought about that. Our only "pets" are the fish in our pond and they are definitely not a deterrent to anything.

Katie — Thanks for the compliments! We are (well, Mark definitely!) perfectionists. But I think it helps that this is our second garden and we'd already gone through our instant gratification garden stage with that one. This one has been much more about long-range planning. We're actually looking at some parts and slowly switching from perennials to shrubs to cut down maintenance so it won't be so much work (ha!) as we get older.


Wow, that is a really beautiful structure. Way more than a fence.

Lisa at Greeenbow

Your fence and gates all evolved into elegant arms that wrap your garden. As to the pesky squirrels, I have no idea why they chew. They chewed the electrical wires of the pump in our water feature one year. Amazing that they weren't killed. I guess it proved that a GFI outlet was working.


Lisa — "elegant arms" — what a great phrase!

Nikko Moy

I forgot how I found your blog but am so impressed with your Japanese style garden! Amazing job!

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