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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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One thing I've noticed about your blog vs. many other blogs out there is that your posts tend to have a great story in them, and some instruction (I'm thinking about the fence here ... I actually haven't stopped thinking about the fence since I saw it). Those types of posts are labor intensive but they are also "meaty." In other words, there's enough material there to keep me satisfied for a few days and even to come back and read a couple times. So give the new schedule a try. Your gardens will be that much more beautiful for it and there will be even more to post about!


Good posting and great food for thought. I started blogging in late March, blogged a fair amount at first, then had almost a month where I didn't (vacation, plus stuff going on before and after). For the last two weeks, I have been blogging a lot, as if to make up for lost time. But, I don't want to burn out and run out of things to write about. So, I, too, have been wondering about how much is too much while trying to keep the interest up and ideas flowing. Thanks!

Pam/Digging (Austin)

I bet you'll be happier by not feeling obliged to post every day. I've never followed a posting schedule and find that I go through phases where I post every day for a few days and then not at all for a few more days. It ebbs and flows as the material and free time present themselves. No one has complained about non-posting days yet except my mom. ;-)


I'm like Pam. When I have the time & something to say, I post. I don't know how you've maintained this M-F schedule!

I forgot to mention to you too, that I do like your (him) and (her) posts, when you do them. I expect more conflict - but enjoy the slightly different takes on projects.

Hope you're starting to feel better. I picture you flopping around your house. Standing up, flopping down, standing up, flopping down...


Thanks all for the comments. I think coming from a newspaper background where we put out two editions a day, six days a week is part of the reason why I started out blogging M-F. But it will be a relief to not feel like I have to write; though it would not surprise me if I sneak in some extras.

And Jim, that is exactly what it's been like. Except for when I take one of the pills that's supposed to help me. Side effect is that it makes me so sleepy I pass out for the first hour or so. No sudden movements or head turning. I walk across the room from one piece of furniture to another — hanging on for dear life!


Linda, it probably is your newspaper background that found you posting so often. I say just do it when you feel like it. I found myself posting more in January but once the gardening season hit, not so often. Just enjoy yourself!

I do feel very badly for you with your ear problems (labrynthitis?). I've had the same thing happen to me and the flopping around is no joke! Best to stay somewhat sedated until it gets better. Otherwise you'll just be frustrated and nauseous. Take care.


Hi Linda, first, my sympathies with the ear problem, I suffer from that on occasion too and know the feeling all too well. Hope it clears up quickly. About the blogging, three times a week is plenty. But even then following a strict schedule of must post today! might not be a good idea. I have found that posting whenever I feel like it, with a minimum of twice a week seems good. No pressure allows more creative juices to flow. :-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I find I tend to most post more often in winter, when I'm thinking more about my garden than working in it. I post whenever I feel like it, which depends on what I have to say, how much I have to say, and the available time in which to say it. I don't think I could post on a schedule, that seems too much like a work deadline to me. I don't do well with deadlines.
I'm sorry about your ear trouble. What a terrible time for that to happen, with so much going on in the garden & you have a new job. I hope it passes quickly.

Lisa at Greeenbow

When blogging becomes a job that is when you should step back. Since most people use reader feeders you shouldn't feel obliged to blog on a regular basis. Just blog when you have something to share. People that have you in their feeders will always know when you get the urge to write and will always look forward to your post. I do hope you get to feeling well again soon.


Linda, The impromptu discussions in the business center were wonderful...and I returned from SF energized and once again excited about blogging...

I surf with Firefox and use a bookmark program that lists the last ten posts of blogs I have bookmarked. It's all right there on my left hand sidebar on my homepage. I love it!

I hope your vertigo disappears is an unpleasant feeling. gail


Yes, I've settled into a general twice weekly post - although often on consecutive days - a daily post must be demanding. Hope your ear problems are speedily resolved and look forward to your next post!


Thanks again to all of you who commented. Really convinces me this is the way to go. Sorry not to be replying more to each of you, but I'm still having some ear/balance issues. At the moment, I'm not at my best sitting at a computer!

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