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Friday, August 07, 2009


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Lisa at Greeenbow

What treasures you have shared with us. It is comforting to have the perfect service to greet you each morning and a good read to satisfy your craving for beauty and knowlege.

Barbara H.

Thank you, Linda, for this information. It took me back into my past, too. I will have to look for his book - it sounds wonderful


Lisa and Barbara — I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee in my Dansk cup and enjoying your comments. If you want to stop by in person, I have plenty of cups!


That looks like a good book to peruse over a cup of coffee. BTW, I prefer mine strong and black, usually French roast, other than that, I am easy to please.

Barbara H.

Way too far away to stop by in person, but there in spirit! Ordered the book right away from a seller on Amazon and it's already in the mail. Yahoo!


Les — we like it strong but with a hit of milk. Barbara — let us know what you think of the book when it comes.

Account Deleted

With a little change those principles could cover a lot of things. Maybe a philosophy on life…

Book is ordered. Thanks.


Wow! Two of you ordered the book. Hope you enjoy it and don't think I've steered you wrong.

Barbara H.

I emailed Linda but decided to comment too. My book came within a week - great service! - and I actually sat down to look at it. I'm very visual but instead of looking at the beautiful pictures, I actually started reading the text by Mark Kane.

It immediately captured my interest and I read the entire essay. It was so helpful to me. I have perhaps an acre of woods sloping down to a winter time creek. I've been disheartened by how quickly the invasives (privet, wisteria, honeysuckle, poison ivy) return each summer. My 2 year anniversary with this property was August 17.

This wonderful book has given me hope, an understanding that it will take time, and an appreciation for the slow process. I will be looking at what I want to do in the woods in a different way than before. I so appreciate Linda's post and am very happy I ordered the book!


Barbara — I'm so pleased that this book looks like it will prove useful to you in your garden odyssey. It's always a little scary when readers take me at my word, and spend their hard-earned money on a book I've recommended. I'm particularly glad that you are finding the text as valuable as the photos. It sounds from your email like your property and the one in the book have a lot in common, and that you can find some helpful advice and ideas.

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