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Friday, September 11, 2009


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Julie Siegel

Happy (late) Anniversary! Looking forward to seeing update on chosen pot. I'm with Mark on the motorcycle commentary. Taught one landscape design class that began with a picture of a Harley (since it is a WI company), making the point that there's as much good design in that as in a well-designed garden.

style court


Happy Anniversary!

Warmest wishes,


Julie — Heathers is a biker destination so there's always a lot of bikes in the lot. But this one was pretty amazing. Harley also has women in management and decided to start marketing to women as a result and has done very well in that area.

Mark Skudlarek is one of the few local potters who makes big pots. We will have to take you to his shop/kiln next time you are here, as it is all great.


Thanks, Courtney. I continue to enjoy your posts though I am not commenting as much these days. Have not been to Pagoda Red in Chicago, though I know of it. You might also like Golden Triangle, one of our favorites.


Congratulation! It looks like you found a great way to remember the day.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

Happy Anniversary!
I am smitten with the one you have your hand on Linda, It would really make a statment in the garden. However, it is always wise to check out the new ones he is making, you just never know.


Happy Anniversary! What a great way to spend the day. Mr. Inkslinger and I celebrated our anniversary (ours was this past week as well, the ninth) with pottery and poetry . . . pottery on a smaller scale though. And ginger scones?! Lovely!


Thanks Les and Deborah.

Inkslinger: September is a great month for weddings, isn't it. The 9th is Mark's work anniversary: 32 years at UW.


Happy (belated) Anniversary!

That does look like it was lovely way to spend the day.

I caught up with Mark this weekend at a shindig in Cambridge. I introduced him to a friend of mine and described him as a "very fine artist". The ever humble Mark thought "bumbling artist" was more accurate. So I re-introduced him as a "bumbling artist who does very fine work."

Speaking of Cambridge shindigs, I'm so sorry that I forgot to introduce you to my parents when we were all at SkudPile! For some reason, it didn't occur to me that you didn't know each other. Mea culpa!


Anneliese — Posted this on your blog but was having trouble. So here it is in case it didn't work:

Congrats on the house! An equally scary and exciting moment as you say. But looks wonderful and I see a little water feature and room for a table and chairs. Where is the house; did you decide on town? Can't remember if you told us when we saw you in Cambridge. My advice is to make the garden your own. If that includes the canna, fine. If not, equally fine. When one gardener leaves, it's a whole new garden on the horizon. We left behind a fabulous garden that no longer exists. C'est la vie.

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