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Friday, September 18, 2009


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Great images of inspiring front-yard gardens.


I am lawnless now for nearly a decade, which is easy when you have a small yard. I still have grass between the sidewalk and street, but that is city property, however I am responsible for keeping it maintained. I am gradually converting that space into garden and hope to switch another patch this winter.


Pam and Les — Once you start ridding yourself of lawn it's hard to stop. Madison is filled with lawnless front yards and lots of planted "hell strips" as well.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

What a lot of great ideas. My garden is 3/4 of an acre and I am gradually reducing the amount of grass there is. When we first purchased, it was all lawn. 4 1/2 hours to cut, now down to 3 hours. I haven't told my husband that my plans include no grass whatsoever, he would be scared and think it would be more maintenance than all the grass. I'll just keep sneaking in more beds!

Lisa at Greeenbow

I am working toward the goal of no lawn. My DB doesn't like the idea but as it slowly evolves he hasn't complained much. tee hee.. You have some great inspiration posted here.


Mornin' Deborah and LIsa — I guess guys think they must mow to be men and then realize as the lawn shrinks that maybe they don't miss it that much. I don't think anyone who calls him or herself a gardener, really has a low-maintenance property. It's just that the maintenance is so much more fun and satisfying!


I like the idea of gardens instead of lawns, as they are more interesting.


Except for the little lawnette in the goal is no lawn! Your idea file photos are inspiring. gail

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I'm fighting a losing battle here with my husband over the lawn. When I suggested joining the two beds between ours & our neighbors' driveway, he said that would be "too much garden." (An oxymoron if ever I heard one. Kind of like Mozart's music having "too many notes.") I'm enlarging the beds anyway, but keeping a bit of lawn between them.


MMD — about five years ago our neighbors joined their front bed to ours and got rid of all the lawn on that side of their driveway. Then last year, the two of us started joining an area of grass that sloped from the side of their house down to ours. We put in a bark path so we could go back and forth and then put in plants that are in both yards to tie the gardens together. They still have plenty of lawn but they turned the parts that joined ours and were the hardest to mow into gardens. But it took a long time of being neighbors before they were ready to make the leap.

Evelyn Hadden

Thanks for writing this article, Linda, and for mentioning my recent talk and our Lawn Reform Coalition. I very much enjoyed all your pics.

I also loved visiting Madison, you all have so many inspiring spaces showcasing lawn alternatives. Olbrich is a great resource -- the meadow garden was my favorite! -- and also the prairie and savanna plantings at the arboretum were great models for home gardens.

Wish I'd had more time to spend wandering the streets and seeing all those little gardens on the "hellstrips" and the lawnless front yards.

-Evelyn Hadden

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