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Friday, October 16, 2009


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These all sound very interesting. I love seeing old photos like these, makes me wonder when/why smiling in pictures finally came into vogue. Also, there is something to be said for being able to choose clothing that expresses who you are-the second picture, of the woman in the chair by the tree, strikes me as a shocking mismatch of person and clothing.

African Beads

really nice story to share ...
old pics really fascinates me.

Julie Siegel

It will not surprise you to know that this post was a trip down memory lane (with my photographer dad). I still recall that haunting picture of the Wisconsin Death Trip twins from my childhood. The Goolrich boooks are however quite new and appreciated, as until I went to one of Chicago's few remaining independent (and superior) Bookstores, Unabridged, I couldn't find anything good to read. Thanks!


I came over to see your GBBD post, Linda, and then got caught up in this excellent review. Sounds like a fascinating book, though I'm not fond of "bodice rippers." But from your review I sense it is much more than that.

I'm not surprised you have so few blooms with the weather we've had, but you have some gorgeous fall color! I'm still waiting for the leaves to turn, hoping they don't fall first:)


I posted a much longer comment but didn't do the security step! grrr... long story short, sounds like my kind of book. Wonderful review! I'm going to pick it up.


I found it pretty fascinating, especially as I think he caught a moment in Wisconsin's past.

Julie, I think you will appreciate it knowing Death Trip as you do. Let me know what you think.

Barbara H.

Linda, you write such wonderful reviews. These sound like good candidates for winter reading. Thank you.


Thanks, Barbara. The first book review I did for the books page at the newspaper took me three weeks! This one probably took a few hours (plus finding and inserting the photos, which I think add a lot).

Lauren Finley

Thanks for the recommendation of the book, have to find a copy to read now. My mother brought home a copy of the Wisconcon Death Trip back in the 70's (I guess) when I was a teenager. I thought it was the most gruesome book but somehow so captivating at the same time...


Lauren — Gruesome but captivating is an apt description!

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