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Thursday, October 08, 2009


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Lisa at Greeenbow

It is sad that the magazines we enjoy most are going by the wayside. While I read lots of blogs I do enjoy having the written word in my hand. Where is this world going to?? I can feel the shift but can't quite see where it is going. I hope not to all electronic.


I so agree with you. Sometimes it feels strange to be a blogger cause it makes me feel like I am part of the problem. On the other hand, I didn't go electronic until my newspaper cut my job when they downsized and went more on-line themselves.


I look forward to a post about chocolate shortbread hearts, complete with mouthwatering photos!

Yes, it's always sad to see a good publication go.


i never subscribed to gourmet, but a roommate of mine once did. the mexican chocolate cake recipe she selected for me to make from one of its issues for her birthday was truly out of this world.
i wonder how many computer screens have gotten splattered with food in the process of making a recipe...? i'll still find value in a printed recipe, as those cooking memories are more easily filed away...


I keep thinking of more favorite recipes from Gourmet as the days go by. I have recipes written by my mom and grandmother. Nothing like being able to see a favorite recipe in the person's own handwriting. Computers will certainly never replace that!


I also lament this loss-see

Gourmet was not about 4-ingredient recipes or convenience or easy or fast. It was about living and eating well and beautifully.


Excellent post, Linda. One more excellent publication gone by the wayside. It's a tough time to be a magazine reader (or editor, if I do say so myself). I miss Cottage Living SO much. I think part of the problem is that so many magazines are owned by large media conglomerates that are only concerned about the bottom line, and therefore lack the ability to withstand these downturns in the economy.


Talked to my sister today who lamented the loss with me as we used to get each other subscriptions as presents.


Last night I stopped by the book store to pick up a magazine and it looked like the newstand had been decimated. So many publications gone. Nothing can take the place of Gourmet.

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