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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


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I was thinking about that yesterday as I was voting for the the losing candidate for governor. Last year the line to vote circled the block before snaking its way inside the school and took me two hours. It was also pouring rain then, but no one seemed to mind. Yesterday with sunny skies I voted at about the same time and I was one of three people there, we were outnumbered by the poll workers and political supporters at least 10 to 1. It took about a minute and a half.


Well stated! And now you've hit on one MORE thing I miss about Madison: the opportunity to see politicians.

Have a great day and enjoy it!


Thanks for your comments Les and Erin. As a former editorial page editor and writer, sometimes I just have to get things off my chest! Obama will be visiting the elementary school next to the newspaper where I used to work. That's what I will miss: being in a newsroom with a view of the action!

Lisa at Greeenbow

You are so right. I was the first woman carpenter in the department where I worked. They tried to work me out of the department the first two weeks then realized I wasn't going anyplace. So they ran an article in the paper about me. That felt strange to me. I just wanted to make enough money to raise my children properly. I wasn't trying to make a statement. Have fun today.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I so agree with you about leaders not actually leading. They need to be nudged, or even shoved, in the right direction. Let's hope we can all get our Representatives & Congressmen to do the right thing about climate change initiatives, instead of dithering about.


Wow, LIsa! I am totally impressed. That kind of thing was really difficult and most groups that had to admit women did not do it quickly or gently. Congrats to you!


when i heard that obama was visiting madison, i wondered if you'd be able to attend one of his events there. i was out of town when he visited college station in october for the points of light event (with g.h.w.bush and robert gates also in attendance). i read there were some protesters in the area, but at least they were civil. in his speech he urged us all to be a point of light, no matter what community we live in.


No wonder this read like an editorial! Well put and you haven't lost your way with words, for sure. Lisa's story is amazing, I can picture her not going anywhere, can't you? We have certainly come a long way, I remember having to wear skirts to school, no pants for girls no matter if there was a foot of snow on the ground. They began allowing pants at school, jeans even! after I graduated. Think of the money on pantyhose I could have saved. I know this is trivial stuff, but it was part of a larger picture of inequality. I have photos taken of the TV inauguration in my January photo file. Still wonderful to experience again. I have a shot of Bush waving goodbye from the helicopter. And Aretha singing in that hat. :-)

Sarah Laurence

A fine tribute! Thanks, you cheered me up.

I've been feeling low about Gay Marriage and equality under the law being voted down in Maine by a close margin. Prejudice still exists. The majority of people where against mixed race marriages until the early 90s. We have made progress, but we must keep fighting for equality. There should be no second class citizens.


About your comments of women's jobs....49 years ago I made a decision to become "just a nurse". It was the best road I could have chosen. No regrets. I always have had a job when I wanted it. Now the pay is excellent and i do what you may think of as insignificant things like save lives!!! I'll retire soon with an excellent retirement but it's very hard to leave. I love my job! And I'm sure there are many teachers who love their work as much as mine!

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