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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


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I LOVE it. Spectacular!

Lisa at Greenbow

I too love getting out all of those ornaments. Handling each one while the memory of why it is so special is delicately, reverently relived.

Love your bunny ornament.


I like this idea and could see moving toward it myself once the kids are grown. I was complaining a bit this year about how much work it was to put up he tree, especially as no one wants to help.


what a great idea... not only can you show off all your ornaments, you can get another use out of your crystal ware! i just finished decorating my tree and feel like i need two more for the rest of the ornaments - so off i go to check out the china cabinet...


Now that's an idea for those who don't have time to decorate a tree or don't want to drag a big tree out. Stack ornaments in a clear bowl or container. It's a christmas decoration at least.

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