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Sunday, December 06, 2009


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Lisa at Greenbow

This wreath looks beautiful now, much better. I am always amazed at how people put up their artificial christmas tree and they don't fluff the branches. They set it up as it comes out of the box and then wonder why it doesn't look as good as the picture. Ha...


A beautiful transformation. You have a wonderful eye, paired with imagination.


It's gorgeous! I particularly love the ribbon.


So classy! Hydrangeas are stunning.


Very nice and much prettier.


That is so cool looking! Like someone else said, very classy. I like it very much.


Yes, much better.

Citizen Reader

Good for you! I am too lazy and have no eye for decorations of any kind (unlike you--your "new" wreath is gorgeous) so every year I simply remove the pine cones and garish red bow from my wreath and hang it up simply green. Makes me feel like some kind of earthy pagan, which is exactly how I like to feel over the holiday season. :)

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