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Monday, January 04, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

I am always curious as to how people keep records of books read. I have good intentions of writing down what I read and then end up not keeping up. I find these lists done by others interesting. I don't read as much as you are Nan but I do read quite a bit...for me. I look forward to your reviews.


I love your idea of keeping a list for the year! And I also thank you for giving me some good titles to explore. I do wish I'd spend more time at our library but lately I've been reading a lot of pass-along books. So that counts, right?


Lisa: I keep a running list in a folder on my computer otherwise I'd never remember.

Jean: Everything counts — even trashy novels!


You are truly the most organized person I've ever come across!


Erin: I only seem organized because you haven't met my sisters-in-law. They are uber-organized and I am always following their lead.


hmm, I wrote a comment that didn't appear:
I've been keeping a list of books read in a notebook since 1999, when I realized that I didn't remember what I'd read unless I wrote it down.So it's nice to know you keep track, Linda. And I was inspired by you to total some stats for 2009: 27 books read (2 of those unfinished), 4 non-fiction and 7 women authors. I'm impressed that you manage to get so much reading done!


I'd like to read Finding Sand Creek. I've read accounts of the terrible massacre in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. I believe the 70's film Soldier Blue was about Sand Creek, too.

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