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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Linda and Mark, Thanks! What a wonderful treat! gail


It's marvelous to see the garden in winter. Thanks for revisiting some of my favorite sections in a starker season.

Lisa at Greenbow

What fun to see the garden during winter. That blue bench still looks inviting.


I love the Katsura tree!


It's wonderful to see the winter/summer images. I especially love seeing the Japanese island in winter, as the structure of trees and shrubs becomes clear against the snow.


It's not all that often that one gets to see distant public gardens in the "off" season. We enjoyed the experience and thought of all you bloggers who saw it with us in May. This was a way to share it with you.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

Your photos show what a good job the botanic garden does of providing winter interest. The Japanese island in particular looks lovely in the snow. I'm glad you had reasonable temperatures for it.


I love seeing the contrasts between the seasons!


Lovely pictures Linda. And so cool to see the same places in two different seasons. It looks just as nice covered in snow (well almost but you can see the great bones every space had). I especially liked the photos of the Japanese island. How was the Dan Pearson talk?

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