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Friday, January 01, 2010


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Thanks for the compliment & shout out. Opinion & wit? I have opinions, yes, but I'm told by most I'm witless. Glad to keep you informed about what's up in Buffalo. It's not been the same since you moved away. And I read your writing, in the unlikely event I may move to Wisconsin.


I am very honored to be on your list. I was drawn to your blog first by Mark's stunning photography that always seemed to have a cohesive look about it along with great perspective, but your writing keeps me coming back as well. I also prefer gardening blogs that occasionally go off topic as well. I am not sure about Buffalo, as I have difficulty taking time off unless it is the height of summer or dead of winter. I hope the both of you have a great New Year and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks again!


Awww ... thanks, Linda. I enjoy your blog so much, and I did even before I realized you lived in one of my favorite places in this world. Can't wait to see more of your projects over the course of 2010. And I should probably thank you again for your mention of the Shutters cookbook ("The Summer Anytime Cookbook"). It's my favorite cookbook. Ever. Happy New Year!

Martha B.

Linda- What a pleasant surprise to be included on your list of favorites. Thank you. :)

You also have some blogs that are new to me and I enjoyed reading them. The blogging community is an amazing group of people.

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