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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Fascinating post, Linda. I've never been much of a film buff, but I may need to seek out one of Rohmer's films now.


Thanks for the lovely tribute, Linda. It's been a long while since I've seen a Rohmer film, though I have the "flash of green" very much in memory. I'll have to see some again, starting with My Night at Maud's and Claire's Knee.


I think I fell in love with the titles as much as anything. And all those actors whose faces taught me about other concepts of beauty than the rather shallow American ideal.

S. Adler Sobol

I've read a number of tributes to Eric Rohmer in the past week which brought fond memories of some of his older films, which I haven't seen since they first appeared. Linda - yours is the only commentary that I've seen which refers to the film The Lady & The Duke -- I rented it on Netflix fairly recently, and had quite forgotten that it was an Eric Rohmer film. So to digress from Eric Rohmer -- The Lady & The Duke is based on the true story of Grace Dalyrymple Elliott whose lovely portrait hangs in the Frick Collection in New York. I can also recommend a biography, "My Lady Scandalous: The Amazing Life & Outrageous Times of Grace Dalrymple Elliott" by Jo Manning. I think you'll enjoy it! Back to the film -- those sets were fabulous, weren't they? Best regards, Susan

Easy and Elegant Life

Happy New Year! Doesn't your buffet look wonderful!

"Claire's Knee" was required viewing in every French class I had from eight grade on. I may have to see it again. "The Lady & The Duke" is going into the Netflix queue.

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