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Sunday, January 10, 2010


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I haven't gotten my WFF catalog yet, but I can't wait!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I immediately noticed the weird shape too, and I also looked for an explanation. I chalked it up to the economy. It is such a beautiful catalog and was one of the first that I ordered mail order plants from. I discovered WFF from an out of print book of theirs at the Bartlett library. Yes, that is how addiction begins.


I am sorry they no longer send me their lovely catalog with ridiculously expensive plants. I so enjoyed browsing and still have some that are at least a decade old saved for reference.

Like you, only Villosas will do.


Hi Linda and Mark, the change in shape does mess up the stacking of old catalogs, same with magazines if they make a change. I thought this season's WFF was better than usual. They seem to have lost their way with the changing tastes of gardeners, going more native and prairie than English cottage in style. I too have plants that originated from them, moved a couple of times even, still going strong. I am with you on the Villosas too, Brownie is a workhorse! :-)


Frances — Workhorse perfectly describes Brownie. If the other villosas perform as well, some big garden holes will get filled in pretty quickly this year!

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