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Sunday, February 21, 2010


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That is quite the transformation. I love the fact that many of your treasures have a history with you, which is something that can not be bought at IKEA or Ethan Allen.


I can't believe that is the same room as that sad white box in the last picture. I love it and who could resist a color called Lipstick?

What a wonderful tour through a special room, but I have to say I'm particularly taken with the spirit house. What a treasure.

Red is my favorite color (as it should be for any good Badger) but I would probably be concerned about doing an entire room in it. Seeing these results proves to me that red should be one of those go all the way or go home kind of things. Forget red accent walls ... red rooms are where it's at.

Great post!

Edith Hope

I came across your site quite by chance and was much intrigued with your account of the making of your red room [shades of Jane Eyre!].

Whilst I do not actually have red walls, in my main hall and again in my dining room of my Budapest apartment I do use quite a bit of red - upholstery, mounts to pictures, cushions, etc. I do not know if you know of 'Farrow and Ball' paints? They are an English company with what I consider to be a superb range of flat, chalky colours, all water based and eco friendly. Worth a Google!

I have enjoyed your writing very much and will look forward to returning.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is definitely a room one can appreciate the warmth, especially during winter. You have the most interesting things and you display them so people can appreciate them.


Linda, It's a wonderful room...restful. I never associate red with rest...but it works here...I think the olive green woodwork is what makes it so. The spirit house is beautiful and what a delightful way to honor nature. gail

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

Linda, once again, I think that we are twins, seperated at birth.
I just did a post (Jan) on my red room, our library. I used a Farrow and Ball colour, Mercer Street Red. It does take quite a few coats of paint to get the depth of colour, but we were given a tip to prime with gray first, it helps the colour spread evenly. I have had a red principal room in all of my homes. People always think that it is daring, but I love it!

Dirty Girl Gardening

I love it! What a transformation.


Linda - the red room treasures remind me of how many treasures you have shared through your blog. Your tea house, the parasol garden, the SNOW, the apple arch borders. So lovely to read about it. The snow stories kept me cool during the hot Melbourne summer although I guess you're longing for spring now. The red room is a jewel and I'd love to pull down books from your shelves and tinker with the spirit house.

Rae Kaiser

Thanks for sharing your special room. A red room takes some skill to pull off. I love the green stool...and all your treasures. What a comfort that room must be.

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