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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

It's all in the details.


Thanks for this delightful tour through your rich and varied collections.


It looks like a warm and cozy spot for tea and reading. Nice.

Edith Hope

How fascinating to continue with your account/tour of your red room. It is indeed all the small details which really make for interest. I liked the way the picture collection has grown to become completely eclectic.

Citizen Reader

I love all the pictures of the red room (we wanted at least one red wall in our house but couldn't find the right red, and so went with dark green, which worked out) but I'll admit I only enlarged the picture of your fascinating TBR pile. And saw "The Death and Life of Great American Cities"! Fantastic! I've got to pick that one up too. Will you write about it when you read it?


I think every house should have at least one red room!


The red room is gorgeous! I love the furniture and decor in the room that really pop against the red. Sometimes red can be overwhelming, but you've done it masterfully!

Julie Siegel

Not only are the details enticing, but I am grateful to live vicariously through you and the Red Room. Having practically no family heirlooms (or your gift for careful & creative maintenance), I am fascinated as to which ones you have and how you incorporate them into your life and selves. Not to mention how well you two write (Linda) and photograph (Mark). And how you do it as a team...Bravo!


A perfect reading room! That particular shade of red gives depth and space. (PS I've not forgotten the Mitford letters, just not managed to make it to the post office yet, this month!)


Wow i love it!! Seeing this makes me wonder again why i want everything white in my house ;-)


Hello there. This is my first visit here. I so enjoyed this tour. I adore the red and the cosiness of that corner, and the desk, and the spirit house, and the books of course..... and how almost every item has meaning for you.

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