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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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Martha B.

Linda- This book is a favorite of mine. I used it for inspiration when I made a terrarium for a friend who was moving. (You can see it on my blog...Garden Note#55)

I love how you used the glass container for your collection...beautiful. :)

Lisa at Greenbow

What a find. I love this display. You have given me an idea that might work with some of my oddments.


What a lovely collection of natural objects, and a great way to show them. The subtle range of color and rich array of textures and shapes are shown beautifully here. Who needs green?


I love it! It is like a natural cabinet of curiosities.


I have a cracked, but entact serving platter I call my treasure tray. It has been with me for over 30 years and is full of such things. I kind of wish my items were in something with a lid, since I don't dust.

Barbara H.

I love it. A perfect display in a perfect way.


Beautiful arrangement.


Nice! I just bought some similar terrarium. I have not yet such a beautiful collections of stones & bones as you have so i put some old photograph, a leather book and white candels in it to fill things up. Just until I have found some more interesting nature treasures!


I just love your glass display box...its perfect! I have been searching for one just like that to store my shell collection. Can you please please forward me the website where you bought it at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance.

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