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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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I loved Helvetica! The younger designers seemed so smug and arrogant, and probably had no idea how foolish they were going to look on-screen.


Thanks for the tip on "Helvetica", I am always looking for something different to rent at the video store. We still have an unusually stocked, independent store, adjacent to the local "art" theater, both thriving in the age of corporate domination and on-line rentals. I really enjoyed "Young Victoria" and had no idea there was so much intrigue getting her on the thrown, and this anglophile loved the scenery too.


I'd heard that this film was very good, so thanks for the reminder; I've added it to my Netflix queue. By the way, if you like crosswords, the documentary Wordplay was great fun.


I loved the movie! And Altoon's suggestion of Wordplay is a good one too. Thank goodness for Netflix! None of these movies would ever have been found in the local movie rental places near me.

Helvetica is so ubiquitous that until I saw the movie I didn't even really notice it ... everywhere. I love fonts, except when they screw up your computer and at work we often remind each other that "font" is a four-letter word!


i too enjoyed helvetica and was awed at how ubiquitous the font is in everyday life.
speaking of documentaries, have you seen rivers and tides? it chronicles andy goldsworthy's work, something i think you'd appreciate after your visit to northwind perennial farm.

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