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Sunday, May 09, 2010


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I like the post a lot ... lots of character. And Guernsey Cream is currently my favorite clematis (and ironically my two have been without anything to climb up all spring too!)

Lisa at Greenbow

A tower of white clematis is always enjoyable.


The post is a wonderful object, like an erect sentinel, watching over the garden.


What a great idea, that will also prolong the life of the post. I found an old newell post while bike riding once, and the effort to get it home nearly caused an accident. It sat in the garden for years, but is now nearly unrecognizable.


That's a lovely and novel solution. I just love clematis.


Nice idea. I may have to keep an eye out for old newel posts. An old one with some old paint on it might be nice for my garden.

Seeing your Asian-inspired garden reminds me that while you're here in July, we (the bloggers) will be attending a re-dedication of Delaware Park's Japanese Garden. Two Olmsted Parks workers spent time in Japan being trained in the horticultural ways of Japanese gardens, and gardeners farm Japan were here to clean up and help plan the renovation of the garden. There will be Ikebana flower displays and Japanese dancers. Then, off to a French lunch. Trés Internationale!

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