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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

What strong plants you have here. They make quite a lovely statement in this inhospitable area.


What a good citizen you are, Linda, planting in the middle of the street. And the tulips are simply gorgeous. I plant some cutting tulips in my veggie garden and a beautiful orange lily tulip is ready for cutting; it's called Ballerina and is very graceful. Who would have thought orange would work so well?


Just when I thought I couldn't stomach another tulip photo, along comes that last shot. Very nice!

Julie Siegel

First: a girl can never have too much orange!
Second: don't you love how plants thrive or not sometimes despite us?
Third: I actually prefer the artfully-weathered yellow paint on the raised island bed...


Nice story.
However much I like the looks of the island (why is it there? No room for pedestrians to put their feet), I hate the thought of you being exposed to all that traffic when tending or planting the bed.
Actually, it has been my experience that plants love oil and petrol seeped into gravel. Isn't that what fertilizers are made of anyway?


Jo — It is a "traffic calming island," meaning that it forces drives to slow down because it makes the driving lane narrower at the point. And it can be a little nerve-wracking to work out there. I try to do it when most folks are at work and there is less traffic on the street! And never thought about the petrol/fertilizer connection. You may be on to something!

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