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Friday, June 04, 2010


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Your pots have such beautiful classic forms that I thought they were all Asian antiques. You have a great eye, and find what is just right: the wood fired surfaces and simple shapes are perfect amidst greenery.

Lisa at Greenbow

You and Mark have a beautiful collection of pots.


What a fine collection of pottery. I'd be afraid that a tree limb would tumble onto one or a wild dog could run into them.


Altoon and Lisa — We are lucky that there is such a great community of potters in the area. There is also a big pottery festival every June and we've made lots of friends and purchases there.

Les — We've had a group of pots on the deck on and off for years and have not lost any yet. The one in the front garden is broken and mended (we knocked it over indoors ourselves!) We did have a branch come down and break a really big gazing ball, however.


You have a beautiful collection. I wish I could be that disciplined about sticking with one color scheme, but I tend to go a bit "fiesta" when pot shopping.

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