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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


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I put Bulb on my Christmas list last year, and Santa came through. I have learned to let my wishes be known early, otherwise you get "gardener's gifts", not that I am an ingrate, I just rather have something I want or can use.

Julie Siegel

We are certainly not famous in our urban condo garden along the sidewalk where many dogs roam...but plants "walk" all the time. I only wish they would take the weedy invasive ones.

Barbara H.

Thanks for the great reviews, Linda. I'll have to check my library for these. I'm desperately trying to keep up with blog reading these days - one just leads to another, you know! Loved the textile porn and the garden chairs. It's finally cooling off enough in Alabama to get back to work outside, so no sitting for me - though I love having the chairs and/or benches so I know I could sit if I wanted.

Barbara H.

Oh my, I'm back already. I just looked at some of the garden photos on Dillon's site - what a treat! I'll have to save the rest for when I'm fresh. Thanks for introducing her to me!

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