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Monday, August 02, 2010


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Susan in the Pink Hat

I read Random Harvest last year since the movie has been one of my favorites for many years. I was surprised at how Hilton makes his wife distant, unlikeable, and faintly sinister until the huge reveal at the end. I still think I prefer the movie although they retooled the wife character since I don't think Greer Garson would have been in it otherwise!

Barbara H.

Gosh, thanks Linda, for taking me instantly back in time to the movie Random Harvest. I don't remember much but instantly felt that sense of mystery and suspense, wondering and hoping that he'll remember in time. Now I'll have to look for both the movie and the book to fully explore that sensation once again.

I was just remembering Edward Ormondroyd (David and the Phoenix) over the weekend, along with Alexander Key. I discovered The Forgotten Door by Key when working in the Children's Library at the main library in Portland. Although children's books, they also took me into a special world, the feeling of which I connect with watching Random Harvest.

I can see I have to start making a list...


Barbara — I think you will be quite surprised at the difference between the book and the movie. As a Greer Garson fan, the movie really is my favorite.

I taught elementary art for a few years and the school librarian always let me have a look at the new books before she put them on the shelf. That experience has kept me reading kids books regardless of my age!

Jan JOhnsen

LOve this post!

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