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Friday, September 24, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

I can see why you are so torn about which way to go. You certainly won't be disappointed either way.


You can't go wrong either way! I guess I'm feeling a pottery vibe today so I'd go out of town!


I have one more post about Olbrich coming up tomorrow. Thanks for the link love.


I can't believe that first pic is of a quilt. Wow!

Megan Speckmann

I'm so excited to find a garden blog based in Madison! Thank you Pam. Love Wendy Stevens and her fabulous bags. My mom always had a quilt at the fall Olbrich show too. Looking forward to following your blog.

Barbara H.

What a delightful dilemma! I'm working my way backwards again - too easy to get behind on the reading. Whatever you chose, I'm sure it was wonderful.

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