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Sunday, September 26, 2010


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I love the sense of gatherings in these fall images: masses and piles and detailed textures. Beautiful!


Mid-30s? What happened to the beautiful 70s and 80s of our recent visit?

We're just getting down to the 80s here, with a predicted nighttime low of 58 this week. Can't wait.


We are enjoying cocktails in celebration of steady rain, which has been away on vacation for far too long.

Daniel Mount

I've been gathering like crazy since I got home, cukes, tomatillos apples. I'm ready for that cocktail. Michael's making arugula gin gimlets, salad and drink in one hand. Strangely delicious. I love the first fire, what a fine hello.

Lisa at Greenbow

AAaahhhhhhh first fire sounds so romantic. A cocktail would be deilightful while listening to the crackle of the the embers. Yes, life is good.

Julie Siegel

These fine images would nicely supplement my largest postcard category: "multiples." maybe I can see more of them in front of the fire when I see your garden and you two firsthand in a few weeks...

Barbara H.

NE Alabama isn't quite as cold as Wisconsin (yet) but it has transformed into bearable weather finally. And the 7 am walk with a friend called for a light jacket. Love your pictures, Mark, and your words, Linda. They truly celebrate the season.

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