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Monday, November 08, 2010


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I admire you and Mark doing all that work to keep the pond and garden beautiful. The first photo, of leaves decorating what looks like a head rising above water, is wonderful. And it surprises me that you still have leaves on trees; here in northern Vermont it's just the beeches who have browned leaves hanging on. I'm looking forward to your warm weather arriving here mid week.

Lisa at Greenbow

I just love that witch hazel. It looks like a beacon of sun spots in the garden. Still some leaves left on the trees here too.


Hi Linda,
It doesn't get any better than today for a gardener! I thought of you as I placed new and old plants back into my newly raised bed. The soil is deep and soft and lovely to dig in!
I will be working again most of the day tomorrow if you have some time. I would love a visit (6609 Jacobs Way) and perhaps some advice on future purchases. Give my cell phone a call if you are free: 347-2763.


That witch hazel is beautiful set against the tree bark like that. I must admit that I tend to leave the gunk in the bottom of the pond and just trim back the leaves on the marginals. Mind you, no fish and the frogs and newts don't seem to mind!


An excellent shot of the witch hazel flowers~I've H vernalis for winter bloom and look forward to it every winter! gail


The photograph of the witch hazel is pure perfection!

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