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Sunday, December 12, 2010


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We're certainly in the grip of winter, like it or not. That's a charming book cover.


Rain, ice and heavy snow followed by bitterly cold temps seem to be the new early December norm here in Madison. Waiting for the plows to come through and then we will have to shovel our 100-foot-long driveway as the snow is too wet for the snow blower.

I have wonderful memories of my dad reading this story to us as children!


One of my favorites of the Little House series. But I wouldn't want to live it.

I'll have some hits of green up for you in about 10 minutes.

Julie Siegel

Ah, brings back childhood memories of all those great series of books so you knew you were set for a while.

Janine Robinson

i heard you want some hints of green. we just had a record heat day (80+) in southern california. (i posted the bloom of my hummingbird sage on my blog, if that helps.) madtown is my alma mater!! (early 80s, journalism major,--LOVED madison!!!) anyway, i'm jealous of your snowflakes! happy holidays!


Oh, what memories the image of that book has brought back! How I loved those Little House books . . . I read them all the way through so many times (the first when I was laid up with chicken pox when 8 or 9). And I sympathize regarding weather. A shame the nonfictional variety of weather isn't as enjoyable as the fictional. :)

Lisa at Greenbow

Even though winter hasn't officially begun it is too long. This cold wind has brought winter here much too early. Hopefully it will wear itself out.


That cover conjures up so many memories! Last night I lay in bed as the snow swirled and wind howled. I kept imagining a winter tundra. My advice: stock up on lots of fluffy blankets, a few good books, and a case of wine.

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