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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Heather's Garden

Your paperwhites are so much prettier than mine! Really I love the ribbon around the group of bulbs idea. But I find one bulb a little nearly overwhelming in our tiny house, so I don't think I could do that here. Beautiful though.


The scent must be amazing from those paperwhites. I really like your finishing touch with the ribbon - probably a necessity aswell as being very eyecatching.


Your beautiful photos and words may push my into forcing some paperwhites next winter, after several years hiatus.


Beautiful photos and so interesting to see their progress. I've grown amaryllis for special friends and family for the last two years but this year with all the chaos I never got to planting them. I have the bulbs ... I just haven't planted them. Maybe everyone will get Easter amaryllises this year!


So pretty! I can almost smell their sweet, spicy fragrance from here!

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens

I always forget to force bulbs inside. I liked to see your photos of the process. Carolyn

S. Adler Sobol

Linda -- This is a test. I have been trying to comment on and off for many months now and my comments vanish into cyberspace. I don't know what I am doing wrong and just assumed it was me. Recently, my friend, Sarah, also a fan of your blog attempted to comment on your posts about your World War I reading list. Her comment never appeared. My personal computer technicians (aka children) will be coming home for the holidays and perhaps can help. In the meantime . . . I'll send this out and see what happens. Happy Holidays! Susan Sobol

S. Adler Sobol

Ta da! It worked!


I've always thought they flop too much and there you've fixed that argument with festive red ribbon! Lovely post Linda~gail


The ribbon really helps as does a branch of red-twig dogwood. Our front hall is actually one floor lower than the living area, so it is the way we keep the fragrance under control.


How lovely to have this touch of spring during this cold December! The Cornell booze experiment sounds interesting; I guess this must keep the paperwhites happy:)


The ribbon is stylish and practical, and the single bulb in a glass looks wonderful. It makes me want to try again with them next year, perhaps in the hallway they will gently scent rather than utterly taking over and making me sneeze...

Lisa at Greenbow

I bet it does smell good in your house.

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