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Sunday, February 20, 2011


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Great post. Thank you!


Wonderful photos. You are doing an amazing job of telling the stories of all the people who have gathered to be heard.

Lisa at Greenbow

Way to go Mark. Everyone should support them. I certainly do.


What a wonderful photo essay Mark. I appreciate hearing your experiences at the protest. gail



At first I was horrified that the formerly wonderfully progressive state of Wisconsin had gotten to a point where politicians like Walker were elected by a landslide and were attempting to pull off such a stunt.

But now I am proud. Could there be anything better than witnessing democracy in action in a peaceful and civilized demonstration of epic proportions? Perhaps that it shouldn't have to happen in the first place.

Keep up the good fight, people of Wisconsin. And Mark, thank you for documenting it for us.

Jane of the Horeb

I am also appalled by this notion that the protesters are being shipped from out of state. Yet the guy who organized the Tea Party rally Saturday was from Washington, D.C. The hypocrisy never ends.


By they way ... it's not just liberal-leaning pubs like Mother Jones pointing out the Koch connection. Even Forbes is:

Paul Sutton

I am in full support of these demonstrations. HOwever, the people of wisconsin did elect this Walker guy. Why? Were they duped? Can someone say - Gee I was a republican and the anaesthesia wore off? Why did Walker get elected in the first place? Wisconsin got what it voted for. Is it legally possible to recall Walker?


Hi. Love your photos. Are you wllling to share the "BEG" one via a posting on my blog? If so, I will link it back to your blog and the rest of your photographs.

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