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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


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george hesselberg

Thanks for putting up Craig's photo. A perfect reflection of survival of the most-bundled!

Lisa at Greenbow

I feel for the people that have to get out in this stuff. We were lucky it all went North of us. We did have the wind which kept me half awake all night. Poor Luna (my dog) jumped onto the bed when the electric came and went. She is scared of electrical storms.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter

I think we got over 2 feet of snow, but the drifts are much higher. That wind was much worse than in the last two blizzards. I swear I heard thunder last night.

Elephant's Eye

And so far away in South Africa, there is a furious gale crashing around outside as I write! (No snow ;~)


I enjoyed my first ever snow day away from work today, although the wonders of the Internet and the ease of working from home sort of ruins the experience.

I was thinking about how lucky those college kids are that UW-Madison was closed today. What I would have given for a snow day when I was going to school!


My dear friend in Milwaukee wrote to say "I nearly diiieeeedddd!" It may seem bit overly dramatic, but in his case, it may actually be true. Do stay warm. The driveway can wait. xo


Stay inside where it is warm, and hopefully the pantry is full and the bar stocked. It should be safe to go out again sometime in March.


You should move to Buffalo. About 5" of snow (3" heavy, 2" fluffy stuff), with no drifts. Snow day for schools because of all the over-hyped panic. No snow days for the self-employed!


Brrr. How wonderful not to have to try to go anywhere in such appalling weather.

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