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Sunday, June 26, 2011


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this is so fun! i'm a huge fan of bringing texture to the garden, so 2 thumbs up from me. :)


That's a very beautiful last image--such precise placement of each stone, and so much texture.

Barbara H.

Lucky folks. It's a beautiful place.


Just gorgeous! and of course reminding me of a Japanese garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

Raked gravel is so sensitive. I always think about how a garden is so loved that it's gravel is raked. Sort of like combing the hair of your child. An intimate loving thing to do. Beautiful when you are finished.

Julie Siegel

I know you want the garden to be ship-shape for the tour, but I also know it already is such a compelling experience, no matter the conditions...

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Lovely! I can't imagine how insane I would be if there were a garden tour coming to my house. I'd be frantic and I'd probably need a little bit of that tranquility that that lovely raked gravel provides.


Erin — We are both totally exhausted and ache everywhere!

It is raining lightly at the moment which means maybe we can take a break. But if it stops we were going to get some mulch to spruce up a bit more. I figured Mark would say we'd done enough, but he was OK with adding mulch in the "in progress" areas. Don't know if that makes him a great guy or as crazy as me!

Lisa — What a lovely analogy, comparing the gravel to combing your child's hair. Mark certainly views it as a labor of love.


Wow, Mark's obsessive compulsive nature really works for you. The patterns are beautiful and add another great "layer" to the design of the garden. How do you even rake in a circle?

Lancashire rose

I adore that last shot. There is nothing I love better than gravel and rocks, as you know. And early evening is just perfect as you say. Have fun.

PJ  @  Home and Garden Decor

Just beautiful! A delight for every passionate gardener.
Everything looks so perfect, the in pattern raked gravel and how you arranged the different rocks in combination with other garden accents like e.g. the vase.
Thumb Up!
Best Regards and Happy Gardening
Paula Jo

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