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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Jeanne Heuer

Do you think the momentum will be lost if the recalls fail? We felt very encouraged up here in Dave Hansen land but...


Jeanne — it is really hard to know what will happen with the recalls and how folks will feel if they fall short. The outside money is a huge issue as are all the roadblocks the GOP keep trying to put in the way of the voters. And these elections are in limited areas of the state with a limited group of citizens actually being able to vote.

But I think many folks also feel at this point that it is not totally about who wins. I feel that even if the Dems retake the Senate, we will be watching them just as closely and holding their feet to the fire as well. We are all realizing that we've got to get out there and make things happen ourselves. that's why all these local initiatives about democracy are good and worthing attending ...

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