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Saturday, July 16, 2011


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Heucheras and heucherellas have become two of my very favorite shade plants. In fact, I bought two new heucheras on sale yesterday, even though I have no idea where I can find a space for them:)

Loved all your lilies in your Bloom Day post!

Lisa at Greenbow

I just love heucheras but the fancy ones I have tried haven't done too well here. I do have a caramel that is BIG. I have split it several times. That is how I do heucheras since they don't like it here so much. I buy one and if it takes I split it or purchase more of same. Happy FF.


help! need heuchera/heucherella advice. i love them but them seem as if they are sulking. they are in mostly shade but it's been so hot and so dry that even the shade doesn't offer much protection. what do my lovely little friends like? any thoughts on what makes them happy?


Lisa — I'm with you; I just keep using the ones that work. Some have died the first season and they are off the list forever.

Gretchen —Mine are sulking too, in this hot weather.

Watering might help. Also be sure that they have not grown out and up and need to be re-seated. They tend to need to be replanted every few years — meaning just dig out the plant and reset it in the same hole but a tad deeper. You can tell if you see a "trunk" of stem exposed.

Also some are much more tolerant of heat and those are the ones that are "villosa" hybrids. Some tags will tell you that info but not always. You can tell if the stem is kind of hairy then it's a vilosa. Caramel as Lisa mentioned is one of the best, also Brownie.

Cindy @ enclos*ure

Today I've been noticing heuchera's rather delicate blooms, which are like a haze floating above the plant.


Lovely leaves indeed. I inherited a couple of Heucheras with the new house, but they quickly succumbed to the extreme heat and drought we've been afflicted with the last couple of years. My "no finer foliage plants" now comprise heat-loving succulents. Only wish I could have both! (I'm greedy that way.)

Barbara H.

Guess I'd better check my older ones to make sure they are still fully in the ground! When they do well they are lovely. So far I've been lucky but the ones I put in this year have been a little hesitant. I don't blame them - too much heat and little rain until recently. I need to check on them now that the rain gauge has overflowed a couple of times.


Pam and Barbara —
Still quite dry up here though nothing compared to the drought so much of the south is experiencing. We've had just under an inch of rain in our garden this month which is higher than the local official rainfall.

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