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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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So prety! Maybe summer really is here...


Wow, you have a lily show. Many varieties of daylily. I love them too, but only have four different kinds. Yesterday I went to a daylily experts garden. I was in heaven. So many I never had seen before. I will post on them soon. You have some I never saw either.Happy GBBD. Love those people pots every time I see them. You are very creative.

Cindy @ enclos*ure

Thanks for this! I'm going to look out for 'Gold Dust'. I like its slightly wild look.



love the yellow to orange and peach colors..some of my favorites

thanks for sharing

Lisa at Greenbow

I have several mini daylilies. I have had them for so many years that I can't remember their names. Your collection is very pretty. One of the yellow ones looks very familiar. Happy GBBD.


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing on GBBD. V


I guess I must be a sizist, but I normally prefer the larger blooming daylilies, until I saw the color on that aptly named 'Little Grapette'. Happy GBBD!


How can we not love daylilies? simple and colorful and joyous.

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