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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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I love the eclectic combination of posts - II would find it hard to compartmentalize myself in order to stay on topic as it were. Congratulations on another year of blogging. May this next year be sweeter...and simpler. I'm hoping that for us all.


Congratulations on your blog anniversary. What drew me to your blog was your wide range of interests, your passionate thinking about the various aspects of your life. And Mark's photography. I look forward to more years of your blog and to meeting you someday.

Lisa at Greenbow

Congratulations on your blogaversary. Each of your little worlds are interesting to me. I am glad you don't stay on one subject all the time. Anything you write is interesting. I don't always have time to comment but I always read. Here's to more collisions of words and photos.


congratulations on three years of fascinating posts. whether the topic is gardening or jane austen (another obsession that we share), asian art and textiles or politics, what you have to say is always interesting and well-informed. yours is one of the first blogs that i check every morning during my quiet time. i raise my cup of tea and echo your toast, 'here's to more collisions!'


Thank you all for such kind words! It is a beautiful morning here (after a big rain) so I am going out to weed the garden and think about you all . . .

Barbara H.

I wish my dry, dry, dry garden could intersect with your rain blessed one for a little while! I enjoy all your "worlds", all of which combine to make for a pretty interesting person! I enjoy getting to know you and Mark through your blog. It's amazing to me how much "bigger" and yet "smaller" the world has gotten with the Internet.

Congratulations on your three year anniversary, Linda!


Barbara — The rain was wonderful! Hope you get some soon.

I think you hit the nail on the head saying the world has gotten both bigger AND smaller with the internet. Sometimes one facet is more obvious and sometimes the other!


As a newcomer to Madison and the Midwest and a gardener (but a rookie in zone 5a), I appreciate the eclecticism of your blog, or rather, the many and varied evidences of a full and rich and wonder-ing/ful life here.

Jeanne Heuer

My husband found your blog first. I loved the garden posts and the wonderful photography. But I was pleasantly surprised when you started on the Wisconsin politics. You may have done other political posts before we started reading but to me when all hell broke loose and you started posting pictures from the Capitol I was surprised and thrilled. I couldn't get down to Madison but you brought it to me.
Thx, keep on blogging.

Chris S

I have enjoyed your blog for about one year. I love all your topics, books, politics, food, textiles. Thank you. Chris


Congrats on your blogiversary, Linda! I always enjoy your gardening posts and Mark's photos, and while I often only skim the posts that deal with other topics, I like catching glimpses of your fuller life. I go off topic too from time to time. Hey, it's a blogger's prerogative!


Myriad topics a no-no? More like a go-go, including politics. I continue to look forward to your posts even if I don't always comment.


Happy Blogiversary! All your worlds are so fascinating. I'm glad you don't limit yourself to just one!

Julie Siegel

So glad to read all the well-deserved praise for the worlds you and Mark make real for what we must usually imagine. Nothing is off-topic although we all have our focus. Down in Chicago, very inspiring to have your reports on the amazing political community that is Madison. And your garden is so exceptional, I am always delighted by the attention you and Mark bring to it and share with us: thank you!


i admire each little world for the unique perspectives that linda and mark bring to the conversation, no matter what topic is at hand - their posts are sensitive, thought provoking and visually captivating. here's to veering "off course," and for showing us the way...

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