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Monday, August 08, 2011


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Lisa at Greenbow

Your lily collection absolutely makes me drool. I really must get some of these.


All beauties. My tiger lilies are still going strong, but much damaged from lily beetles; I was not assiduous this year in picking them off the plants.


Lisa — i have to admit half of my lilies were trial bulbs but they've turned out great, esp. the ones in the traffic island.

Altoon — the beetles aren't too bad here this summer so I am ignoring them. maybe because it's so dry?


I think I have the same recurved petal lily that you're having trouble identifying. I got mine from Jungs and it was called "Black Beauty." Rabbits got it last year, so this is its first year of bloom. It was worth waiting for! Swallowtail butterflies are very fond of its nectar and spend time moving around the flower inserting their proboscis in each "valley." Fun to watch!


Clint Rowley

Those lilies make for some beautiful landscaping. Great photo's!

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