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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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Beautifully and powerfully stated! Wisconsin has been an inspiration.

sandy lawrence

Big Money is hard to whip, especially wrapped around lies and dirty tricks and tied up with the Supremes' "Citizens United" ribbon, making a money=free speech and corporations= persons toxic package.

But, let me tell you, you are right on. Susan *was* (and is) right! Failure is not an option, and you're well on your way, Wisconsin, to holding 'em back! Don't underestimate courage and sheer perseverance!

Well done! Congratulations from TX on your wins, and now, on to the next battle!

(You know, I'm beginning to think the Brits have it right. In a Parliamentary form of government, they can vote 'no confidence' and 'throw the bums out'. No waiting for the next election, as it is my understanding that we will have to do for replacing his impervious imperial majesty, Governor Scott Walker. Am I right on that?)

Julie Siegel

Ditto Altoon.

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